A flexible office space for creative industries. Nominated for several prizes, including the best office building of 2020 and the BNA building of the year.

Zeeland gables

A compact yet spacious house inspired by the Scandinavian longhus typology.

Project / inspiration

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Project / inspiration

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Hof van Tuunte

A green neighbourhood in the center of Winterswijk.
De Beemster

An apartment complex for assisted living in the north of Amsterdam made in a fully circular building system.


A transformation of a former tabakschuur, into a house and studio for two film makers and their family.


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The house as an extension of the garden. With daylight falling through the many skylights and a panorama window towards the bird feeding platforms, the owners experience the garden the year round.

Process piece

Our designs start from an unbiased open scope. They follow the winding path from your dreams to the materialized reality.


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